On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of one of the greatest jazz singers , Dominique Magloire released a tribute album to Billie HollidaY.

" Travelin 'light with Billie ." An album made ​​possible through collaboration with Michel Pastre , a French saxophonist and participation of the best musicians and arrangers of French jazz. This album was recorded as in the 40s , with the whole team gathered in the same room and directly taken by song. This project is a tribute to this performer illustrates the sometimes chaotic journey , became one of the world's largest jazz singers , but also the symbol of the fight against segregation and violence practiced on blacks in the southern United  States. With a sublime voice, she has changed the way of singing ...



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Front zipper up to the sternum to show off your chest whether you want to or not.
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100% cow leather, designed in Barcelona.

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