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Roll-on eye contour: Holistically removes dark circles, bags, and wrinkles. Appear revitalized in a just few seconds with the n8+ compound


Roll-on format with a stainless steel head that massages and soothes from the first application and increases sensation when applying the cold gel for a refreshing and cooling effect.



Remove dark circles, tighten eyelids, and reduce bags with:


1.  A soothing effect thanks to neroli extract that helps diminish bags.

2.  Grapeseed extract to remove dark circles, strengthening the skin and promoting healthy circulation.

3.  The cold sensation of the Mint gel refreshes and revitalizes your skin instantly.

4.  Calendula reduces morning puffiness due to lack of sleep.


Eliminate wrinkles and crow's feet with this comprehensive anti-aging treatment:


1.  The extracts of goji berries and açai enrich your skin with antioxidants necessary to strengthen your skin against the passage of time.

2.  Hyaluronic acid obtained by biotechnology enhances your skin's ability to regain its natural elasticity and fills expression lines.

3.  Honey and its micro-exfoliating power renews the skin under your eyes.


The n8+ compound contains: Neroli + Grapeseed + Calendula + Mint + Goji + Açai + Hyaluronic Acid + Honey.


10 ml.