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Made from ebony well-made and cared-for, this  wooden plug can last a lifetime. Wood is beautiful, it makes every dildo unique, and this one is made of a very precious wood. EBONY

 With the perfect finish used, the wood dildo can glide as slickly as a glass or metal toy with only a small amount of lube.

very carefully hand carved and designed por a smooth glide and a retention curve a the base for a confortable sit in once in place.

When designing a sex toy, materials are an essential ingredient. Ebony, along with all of its unique qualities is an obvious choice. With proper woodwork and a delicate finish it turns into an all natural sex toy, which will last you a lifetime of intimate plasure and still look chick on your living room shelves by your artdeco scluptures  :))

We aspire not only to design elegant, all natural sex toys but also to make them into distinct, artistic and personable bedroom accessories.


SAVANA PLUG Ebony buttplug