Party wild, Party safe

If one thing is sure and proven by every sane observation, all leaving organism, from the single cell to the most complex form of life have 3 vital cumon needs: 1 get energy intake to live (feed ) , 2 protection to survive and 3 reproduce to overlive (i most cases SEX) every thing else evolves around those two basic needs.

Looking at it from that angle, one may come to wonder where human got so disconnected from nature that they forgot how those 3 basics are important for a globally happy society.

It seams like over the time, way back to the caves of stone age, the human race has develloped a guilty shame towards sex, whisch in most spieces is a social act as natural, as feeding, or self protecting, step by step, humans have evolved to be the only beings to be at unease with it sexuality, building temples of moral rules and fortresses of religious tabooes around one of the very basic behaviours that every cell of our bodies craves for, It is nowadays very strangely less harming to one's reputation to eat a bucket of KFC in an overpopulated movie theater than to have casual sex in a desert back alley, try you'll see lol.

What a pitty... sex is a beautiful thing and far les harmful thing to share than most things we socially do.

Of course imagining the world if WE had not made of sex the taboo it is today also comes with questions such as would sex still be so pleasant if we had not surounded it of some sweet limits to cross and established boundaries to avoid crossing red lines? after all it's well known that humans have often failed to noticed the thin line bethween "a lot" and "too much" with often tragic consequences. Therefore it's up to the wise to know which rules are guidelines for the masses, and to those who do not know, to FOLLOW THOSE RULES . In other words it's like eating, when one is not aware of how much is decent to eat, one follows the instructions of the nutritionist, and so on...

It is somewhat worring to see an under or over educated generation test it's limits in sex starting by the high end, jumping head first in the most delightful excesses with no real awarness of how much is enough, Sex is more important than most activities you do but yet it is the activity on which most of us fail to inform ourselves, we learn how to eat, we spend time and money learning what is best for us to eat, but we fail to take a minut to inform ourselves about sexual practices we are attracted to, we go head first and discover as we go, often ending with bad experiences simply due to doing it wrong.

Internet has given us extra tools to maximise our sexual experiences, so many sexual communities where to meet, share ask advise, be advised, and Sex social guatherings seems to be breeding grounds to friendship

s, complicities and mutiual care, so let your libido fly high, find your sex community as you found your sports, religious or professional community, START YOUR SOCIAL SEX LIFE.

Social sex, bros bounding