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Once again, the LGBT community paid the highest price to the bad habit of our societies to look away from the root of many of the issues that uselessly plague human evolution. No LGBT person in the world could stay indifferent to the drama that struck the USA at Orlando's CLUB PULSE.

From the very fist moment true the new, Our Director Macho Serge had already concluded that this had to be More than a religion motivated terror act, or to be exact he said "No real straight man could grow so much hatred towards the LGBT community, too many elements in his described actions by survivors pointed us already to the idea that this was more a passionate crime than an ideological action.

In the light of latest information testimonies, It now appears quite clear that This was more of a personal vendetta against gay people with whom he has been clearly been interacting on many quite explicit ways, and in a very long period of time . No one with some sens can believe that he had been frequently going to that club for the last 3 years only in preparation of this act, no human hating Gays and Blacks as much as his close ones claim he did.

It's now clear that this young man whom we refuse to name by respect for the innocent victims had a very close and regular need to join the gay community conflicting with the total intolerance surrounding his family background.


The Political jungle is quick once again to blame the mos easy targets, but the reality is that if this young man had been christian, he would have managed to kill in the name of a neo-nazzi movement, Islamic Extremism was most certainly only the weapon of the crime, the perfect alibi to keep his secret even over his death, what we can not get straight is this rage to kill , It however makes sens if you consider that most testimonies of those he contacted precised that he was turned down by them for several reason mainly involving his own torments towards his homosexuality.

So Maybe things would have turned out different if he had met the right guy, maybe he would have had then a reason to stand up to his family to be who he was, Just maybe if he had seek the right help by the LGBT hundreds of associations he would have been led to the right path to turn his frustration into love and joy sharing strength, as most of us did, He may have turned out to be an Amazing person. , and most certainly he would not have seek the comfort of twisted minded jihadist propaganda promising him joy and happiness after a life he could no longer bare, or simply giving him the validation that this was a right way to redeem himself for what he has been raised to perceive as an ultimate sin. (read article)

We would so strongly like to hate this guy, hating him makes the acceptance of this unbearable tragedy easier for our souls, But any gay man who grew up in an homophobic culture would tell you that the line between turning all good or all bad in that very lonely mix of frustration and guilt is extremely thin and not so high, so depending on the right configuration,

be gay be happy, be gai

Adding to that a Wife who as far as we are informed knew his intention as made "mild efforts to stop him, and NONE to alert the police or the club owners of the imminent danger, we won't speculate much about her intention, but our twisted mind can't help thinking that she may have more likely pushed or encouraged him to kill the cause of his diabolic ( at her opinion) temptation. Of course it would make sens for her to save her honor, this crime would be the perfect cover up to the fact that she had a gay husband winch is not a honorable faith for a woman of her beliefs.

In my small village in Cameroon, I was struck by the words carved on the door of the justice hut, "WE'LL BLAME YOU FOR FALLING ON THE WEAK GRASS ASS MUCH AS WE'LL BLAME THE STONE YOU TRIPPED ON"

Making Islam the blame for this shooting is quickly and very conveniently forgetting that we narrowly escaped a potentially worst tragedy as a Christian and " Good American boy" was planning a mass explosion against Pride parade (read article). So for once we hope our politicians do not take the easy path of concluding on the most obvious motives, they ate the forest hiding the tree, a very toxic and insidious tree plaguing our society and daily harming the LGBT community. We can send more drones to fight the alleged root of the issue, but it is more than clear that the next guy in the life situation of the Pulse killer may turn to a neonazzi , the KKK or any other extremist group to seek the blessing they morally need to support their decision to end their pain in what is obviously nothing less than a form of mass suicide .

OUR ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS IS EDUCATION, as long as governments fail to ensure a NEUTRAL BASIC SOCIAL EDUCATION to all its youth, and as long as the LGBT community does not get the tools and skills to detect all those millions of young frustrated gay people trapped in the ring of HATE TO HIDE, this will keep happening every now and then, let just hope the less often possible. Maybe our community also needs to learn to rescue those lost gay souls who generally suffer isolation from us because of their generally weird and unpleasant behaviors. The ring is simple, HOMOPHOBIC SOCIAL BACKGROUND =HIDING=SIMULATED HATRED =FRUSTRATION=ANGER=AUTO-PUNISHMENT= REDEMPTION SEEKING OR SUICIDE .

But yet again, it is more productive and cheap politics to take the choice of more hatred to solve hatred, well what to expect from a billionaire who can't afford a decent hair piece??? How to expect the obviously less cultivated American to educate them??? this seems to us like the most homophobic act, THE DENIAL OF THE REEL ORIGIN OF THE PROBLEM. SOCIAL AND CULTURAL HOMOPHOBIA.

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